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ON-AV provides digital signage systems in Corporate offices, Reception Areas, conference centres, schools and Council buildings.

If you have an application where a continuous display of images and/or text is required and where the data is only changed occasionally but with ease, then this is a very cost effective solution.

If you want more control over your digital signage solution there are various signage media players available on the market that will allow you to remotely control your media content through your internal network and even allow you to schedule it at specific times of the day.

An advanced digital signage player can display a combination of Video, Graphics, Tickers, Date/Time and Background simultaneously. Zone layouts can be user definable or from built-in templates or saved user templates.

Tickers can also be horizontal or vertical, left to right or right to left scrolling and even static. The player also has full network capability to allow remote management content update, scheduling and reporting.

Manufactures such as Brightsign have seen the need for stand-alone Digital Signage solutions for the advertising market.

There are no need for network cables or VGA connections from separate PC’s as they have designed Digital Signage Displays with dedicated computers built into the display itself, just transfer your files via a USB card or if required connect it to the network, drag and drop files into the PC to play your media content.

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